Dr. Dellia
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What People Are Saying . . .When Dr. Dellia Speaks:

I had to continually adjust my seatbelt while listening to Dr. Dellia’s breathtaking, passionate message. It is – THE BUZZ!

-- M. Sanders

​Dr. Dellia is a true professional. She is a dynamic, intriguing, interesting, and heartfelt speaker! Her ability to draw in her audience to listen is spectacular!

-- P. Felix

When Dr. Dellia speaks, you feel like she is talking directly to you! She looks right in the faces of the people in the audience.

-- A. Armstrong

When Dr. Dellia speaks, you feel like you are a part of her ‘Yes You Can’ message.

-- R. Grant

When Dr. Dellia speaks, there is never a boring moment! You will find yourself captivated!”

-- P. Mikel

Dr. Dellia is an effervescent powerhouse with a dynamic presence.

-- J. Daniels

How she delivers her message, leaves you feeling motivated and wanting to implement what she says in your own life.

-- F. Cutrer

While listening to her, she helped me identify the problem in my relationship.

-- T. Chambers

Dr. Dellia is a role model.

-- H. Smith

What Dr. Dellia gives are life lessons. I can apply what she says to my life. I take what she says and use it to push me through what I am going through.

-- S. Mikell

Dr. Dellia’s message is engaging. As she shares her story, she makes people feel comfortable and inspired.

-- A. Thompson

Dr. Dellia encourages me not to be afraid, and to step out on faith.

-- A. Jones

When I hear Dr. Dellia’s encouraging words, they motivate me to have the courage to meet my own personal goals.

-- C. Mikell

It is a great experience listening to Dr. Dellia speak. Her honesty is impressive.

-- . J. Pickett

Dr. Dellia encourages women by letting them know that no matter what their situations are, they can survive!

-- L. Williams

Dr. Dellia is very influential. Her message is meaningful because you feel like she can relate to your own life.

-- . A. Johnson

​I give Dr. Dellia 5 Stars PLUS!

-- A. Mikel

Dr. Dellia is The Truth! When you listen to her, the truth will set you free! She encourages you to be true to yourself and to understand what God is doing so you can let Him work things out for you.

-- . J. Jones

I can relate to Dr. Dellia. She provides hope for women.

-- A. Pickett

Because her knowledge is universal, I would recommend Dr. Dellia to any organization who is open and willing to take a hard look at themselves from any angle…

“…They can use her personal experiences and expertise as a roadmap to self-awareness and self-worth. She motivates people to realize their vital role in taking charge of their lives and the changes around them.

-- J. Sanders

She motivates me to pursue my dreams.

-- C. Chambers