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...Opening Eyes to Divine Opportunities

Dr. Dellia Evans

Are you in a destructive relationship and looking for peace and purpose?

Do you believe in miracles? For 20 years I waited on a miracle – that God would save my marriage — but I was not ready. If you want to look with your heart to see your path forward out of your destructive relationship and into your life of peace and purpose, I encourage you to ask yourself one question:

“Am I waiting on God, or is God waiting on me?” If you’re aching for God ‘s answer, you’ll find it here.

Are you lost and wondering what path to take?

Do you want to know how God is molding your purpose in life?

Are you looking for answers to your shattered marriage?

As God did for me on my journey, I reveal blind spots that keep you from seeing, and understanding the spiritual principals that awaken you to divine opportunities that await you.

To learn more about the blind spots that you may have in your spiritual eyes, that are keeping you stuck in your destructive relationship, click here to find out about my book.

If you answered “Yes” to one of the above questions, you are in the right place.
Thank you for visiting, me. I’m Dr. Dellia Evans.

Dr. Dellia Evans is a well-respected practicing optometrist of over 25 years and has helped over 250 thousand patients to improve their vision and view their lives with greater clarity. Dr. Dellia is a Christian leader who not only helps people to see more clearly  physically, but  also spiritually.

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