Dr. Dellia
...Opening Eyes to Divine Opportunities

About Me

Dr. Dellia Evans is a well-respected practicing optometrist of over 25 years and has helped over 250 thousand patients to improve their vision and view their lives with greater clarity. Dr. Dellia is a Christian leader who not only helps people to see more clearly physically, but also spiritually.

She has learned the power of shifting her thinking to live a transformational life and has uncovered the blind spots that many Christian believers suffer from as a result of misunderstanding spiritual principles.

Dr. Dellia’s inspirational and life-changing message is helping Christians throughout the United States to wake up spiritually and become mindful of their DIVINE opportunities.

Dr. Dellia is an exciting, engaging and sought-after speaker. Her up-coming book, Heart Vision, helps readers to identify their spiritual blind spots and see clearly the path they should take.  Dr. Dellia’s book will be available on Amazon.com. Click to See More Here.

Dr. Dellia is a resident of Jackson Mississippi, happily married with two adult children.

My Story

My dad first told me when I was nine, that you can see with your eyes and that you can also see with your spirit. He said there was something called your spiritual heart.

Dad was a wise man.

Fifteen years later, I became an eye doctor.

Fast forward 10 more years – I was working in an eye clinic. In my spirit, God told me that He wanted me to help people to see with their spiritual eyes. For a long time, I pondered this in my heart.

Five years after that, I had to use my own spiritual vision when I lost everything due to an abusive marriage.   This was the darkest time of my life.

But I closed my eyes; prayed to God, and I could see myself being happy.  This was how I was learning to see with my spiritual heart.

For the next ten years, I allowed my spirit to lead me, and I eventually recovered everything that I had lost. Today, I own a successful optometry practice.

A significant moment came when one of my own employees told me that she was in an abusive relationship, and she could not see what she was going to do.

I told her to see with her spiritual heart what God wanted her to do… And she did.

Now, I like to think that as “God’s Optometrist,” I have a mission to help women see into their brighter future with the eyes of their heart.

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